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Energetic Healing


Back in 2006, I started my Personal Development journey which started with training to become a Reiki Healer Master Teacher in USUI Reiki. I did each of the four levels separately over yearly intervals to ensure I was utilising the time in between to really practise and deepen my own knowledge and wisdom in this healing modality.

Being a natural psychic medium, I incorporated my full skills during client healing sessions. I noticed I was starting to pick up on a lot more deeper levels of personal issues and trauma before I had even begun the Reiki treatment in sessions. Information would be imprinted in my mind for example about childhood trauma, inner child healing that would be needed, also past life clearing as well as soul life lessons would also come through for my clients. 

I was guided towards using the power of crystals and started my Crystal Therapy Training. I felt this was so magical as each crystal has its own unique qualities and elements - similar to us as human beings having our own unique blueprints. 

I started to use crystals in Chakra Rebalancing Sessions and found that by combining my psychic mediumship abilities, with the Reiki and also the crystals, my clients received amazing transformational healing sessions.

At a later date, I completed more training and became an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher too as well as trained to a high level in Theta Healing (see Theta Tab for more information) and various coaching modalities.

As the World continued to evolve as well as technological advancements, I decided to do all my client healing and coaching sessions online through video sessions. Many times I am asked, “Is this as effective and as powerful as having an in-person 121 session?” 

My answer is always a STRONG AND SOLID YES. 

This is because everything is energy, we are energy beings too and the healing works through the Universal Consciousness where there are INFINITE POSSIBILITIES for us all to access at our own freewill. 

As I am trained to a very high level in various healing and coaching modalities, my clients always experience a great positive TRANSFORMATIONAL EXPERIENCE which really is OUT OF THIS WORLD!

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