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What are Chakras?

Our human existence is not only made up of the physical body, it also has an energy that extends beyond our physical wellbeing, known as our energetic body. Here, we refer to the Chakra System which means “wheel” or “disk” (in Sanskrit) and refers to the energy points and flow in our body. 

The chakras are known to be spinning disks of energy that should stay “open” and aligned, as they correspond to bundles of nerves, major organs, and areas of our energetic body that affect our mind, emotional and physical health and well-being. 

Their origin can be traced to early Hinduism and Buddhism. However, ancient mystics mapped out the energetic body more than 5,000 years before science did. Today, we call this our nervous system: simply a series of energetic pulses flowing through our bodies. Through chakra rebalancing work, these electrical currents can positively impact our physical, mental health and overall wellbeing. 

There are seven 'main' chakras along the spine (some say there are as many as 114 positioned all over the body). In our everyday life, we find these main 7 chakras may become blocked over time due to emotional or mental upheavals such as a marital conflict, a personal loss, lack of confidence, anxiety, depression, sadness, loneliness or even an accident. A blocked chakra can lead to imbalances in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness, affecting all areas of a person’s life. 

To assist in unblocking the Chakras, a Chakra Rebalancing Session would be recommended to put all the elements back into balance, maintaining peace and harmony from within.

What is Chakra Rebalancing?

Chakra Balancing is a form of energy healing that focuses on channelling energy into the seven chakras. These are the spiritual energy centres within the human body, along the spine and through the neck and the crown of your head. 

When booking a Chakra Rebalancing Session with me, clients receive a deep “out of this World” healing experience as I connect with your essence on an energetic level. 

Through the virtual session, you will be guided through a channelled meditation personal to you, as I invite the Spiritual Realm to also be present to assist with the healing and rebalancing process. This can range from loved ones connected to you that have passed over, your Spiritual Ancestors, the Angelic Realm, Spiritual Guides, Spiritual Reiki Masters, Ascended Masters and other Multi Galactic Dimensional Realms. 

You will be led through a beautiful visualisation that will focus upon the areas that need to be rebalanced and healed. I also use a range of healing tools, including Theta Healing downloads which removes limiting beliefs and reprogrammes empowering beliefs deep within your subconscious mind.

Client experiences are all different but one thing that remains the same is that a client will always feel so different after the Chakra Rebalancing Session, more positive, energetic, uplifted and feeling lighter, even days or weeks after having a session.


Angela Bullock

I recently was privileged to have a Chakra Rebalancing Suit your Soul Session with the beautiful Sharan. The experience was magical. Using various modalities including Theta healing and Angelic realm guidance I felt so deeply seen in both my light and deeply held as I released old feelings, burdens and trauma that I had collected over the years of growing up. The end feeling was that of being set free to now rise up and make the impact I know I was here to make. Sharan held such an amazing space for this to be done and I am so grateful to now feel empowered as ready to take my next quantum leap. Ps. First morning in a long time I haven’t had a day-long headache. Thanks Sharan


Kavita Trivedi Kapoor

Having recently had my Suit Your Soul Healing Session with Sharan, I can honestly say it truly was just what I needed. I’ve been going through a very difficult time of late, recovering from grief and loss and the session helped me to unblock a lot of issues and recognise what was not currently serving me. Sharan provided me with some helpful tips when having a trigger. I felt incredibly calm and relaxed afterwards with a clear focus and intention. She helped me to identify what I have overcome so far and what I would like to achieve in the future. I highly recommend this session

London UK



How can Chakra Rebalancing Benefit Me?

Having a Chakra Rebalancing virtual session with me is a deeply channelled and wonderful spiritual experience like no other!

  • Main areas of blocked energies are released as we focus on each of the 7 chakra energy centres, helping you feel more uplifted and lighter.

  • You will feel more connected to your soul self, opening you up to discovering more clarity of your soul purpose.

  • Your psychic abilities will be enhanced, opening up your intuition further as you feel a deeper sense of inner confidence.

  • You will gain that sense of importance, feeling more confident in your communication aspects.

  • Enhances your self awareness as you feel more in controlassertive and confident in life.

  • Opening you up to self respect, self compassion and skyrocketing your self love.

  • You will feel more energised, stimulating your inner self motivation to take action in areas of your life you previously procrastinated.

  • New ideas will come through, opening you up to infinite possibilities as your new level of awareness is heightened.

  • You will be more open to identifying new opportunities all around you that will help you to advance in all areas of your life.

  • You will feel a deeper sense of safety and security, opening you up to receiving more abundance into your life.

  • So you see there are many BENEFITS of having a Chakra Rebalancing Session




    Heena Bhudia

    I would like to say a big thank you to Sharan following my recent Chakra Rebalancing Suit your Soul Session. It was a real out of this world experience, but Sharan made me feel so safe and I was able to trust her. It was amazing and surreal to find out that she also had experienced some of things I had experienced during the Chakra healing. I was given all the information I needed to look after myself and what to expect in the coming weeks. Sharan made contact with me the next day to ask how I was and if I needed further support which I am very grateful for. Sharan has a beautiful personality and is so easy to talk and have a laugh with. Thank you Sharan.

    London UK

    Lexi Endter

    I got my morning started beautifully thanks to a Suit Your Soul Session with Sharan!!I went into our hour together hoping to gain clarity and left the session with a whole new routine and outlook on my business! I didn't realise how low my self-worth was dragging or how deep my fears dipped until Sharan intuitively guided our session to exactly where it needed to be. I feel inspired to create a whole new outline of my dreams and ideas so I can truly design my life. Sharan was super easy to talk to about my journey so far and I could feel the knowledge she held as she offered all her suggestions. And I loved how gently she was in suggesting things while also not making everything all "flowery"- I knew exactly what she was suggesting for me without feeling pressured at all. I'm so excited to see where her suggestions take me!! Thank you so much, Sharan, it was a beautiful hour together.

    Missouri USA

    Heena Patel

    Recently I was lucky enough to have a Suit your Soul Chakra Rebalancing and Opening up my Intuition Session with Sharan. I didn't know what to expect at first as I was new to the group Anything is Possible and the topic of Chakras etc but I went into the session fully open to receiving. Throughout the session I felt very comfortable and could even feel Sharan's joy and positivity come through to make me feel at ease. Immediately after the session I felt a lot lighter. Then throughout the day I noticed this feeling of being sure in myself. I often question myself and my confidence, and so this was a feeling that I wasn't used to. I would definitely recommend anyone who wants to work with Sharan. She is a truly beautiful soul 💛

    London UK



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