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Sharan Sammi

Manifesting Abundance Mentor
& Intuitive Energy Healer

Empowers ambitious Corporate and Business women to unlock their full financial potential by energetically activating their true self worth and inner confidence …So that they can start building an abundant legacy and the time freedom to manifest a successful and fulfilling life by design.

Welcome To Blessence

Born into an Indian family, I was brought up with both Western and Eastern cultural values. From the young age of 7, I started communicating with my spiritual guide, at that time was known as my “invisible friend.” Developing this bond further, I gained insights into my future path, déjà vu, premonitions & awareness through dreams …

I was tapping into the energy fields, the source, the vibration levels and I had a sense of “knowing” what was going to happen before it did - I just knew. I started to develop my psychic abilities further which then connected me to the spirit world, receiving messages from guides, ancestors, loved ones in the spirit world and also guardian angels.

In developing my ability further, I developed a deeper understanding of the relationship between the conscious and subconscious mind, whereby 99% of us are actually invisible! I am known as an inspirer and motivator to others, bringing the light when it is needed the most. I am a pure spirit and have a positive, friendly, caring and bubbly nature. My smile will always put you at ease.

Throughout all my working practices including one to one readings, healings and workshops, I work with complete honesty and unconditional love. No judgement is made and you will feel comfortable and at ease. All I ask of you is that you are open so that I can guide you to the best of my natural ability to help you find your own unique happiness, contentment and joy.

My Journey

As you can see from a very young age, I was tapping into the Universal Source Energy, the Spirit World and higher dimensions. I had that inner sense of knowing I was meant for so much more in this lifetime but at that stage I just didn’t know where my path would take me.

Having gone to University and graduated in Financial Services, it was no surprise I attracted a Graduate position in Banking …Well in fact, I manifested 3 Graduate roles! Totally OUT OF THE BOX THINKING I reverse- interviewed each of the 3 managers….Landing a 10.1% pay rise before I’d even started! You don’t ask, you don’t get right!?

I was in the Corporate Banking World for 20 years but following my strong inner nudges, I started my Personal Development journey 17+ years ago.

Whilst working full time in Banking, I used all my spare time to train in various healing and coaching modalities. 

Being a natural psychic medium, I trained and became a

  • Reiki Healer Master & Teacher in both Traditional and Angelic Reiki

  • Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner®

  • Licensed NLP Master Practitioner®

  • Infinite Possibilities Trainer®

  • Certified Life Coach

  • Strategic Interventions Coach

  • Positive Intelligence Corporate Trainer

  • I believe there are Infinite Possibilities in the Universal Consciousness and it’s about tapping into this Source energy and allowing yourself to be guided through new opportunities that present themselves to you. 

    Are you ready to UPLEVEL YOUR LIFE & NEED SUPPORT? 






    Qualifying as a hairdresser at the age of 18, achieving two University degrees, winning a brand-new car and holidays, to then landing a permanent role on a Top UK TV soap without any prior acting experience (after 52 agent rejections and being told it was impossible!) to marrying my soulmate …LIFE REALLY IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT!

    So what an incredible journey you may think? 

    It really was but my heart no longer was into Banking so in 2020

    I left the Banking World to lead the Entrepreneurial life!

    My Life Now

    As an inspirer, motivator and serial manifestor, I have an aim of shining light everywhere I go. 

    I am a Manifesting Abundance Coach & Intuitive Energy Healer, I empower my clients to go from mediocre to manifesting their most magnificent life ever and creating an abundant legacy.

    Leading my clients through major positive transformational breakthroughs against life’s challenges. I appreciate each client is unique and in most cases deep-rooted fears, doubts, concerns, and lack of confidence stop individuals achieving greatness.

    By empowering my clients to reach their true potential in all areas of life, including gaining prestigious employment positions, increasing earning, taking the courage to resign from the “job” and become self-employed, developing a magnetic soul mate relationship to focusing on increasing health in life, lives are completely TRANSFORMED!

    I am the Creator of the Manifesting Abundance Blueprint which is designed to activate the 9 essential keys to unlocking and attracting prosperity and wealth from within in all areas of your life

    Truly living by the principle “Life is what you make it!” and empowering my clients to lead their most Abundant Life where Anything is Possible!

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